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Ever wonder...

Ever wonder about what differentiates a "good" detailer from a "great" one? What makes a "great" anything? What makes a great piece of music, or a great tasting beer? 

I recently latched onto the old truth, "If you find something you love, and get paid to do it, you won't work a day in your life." Thats how I feel about detailing. Sometimes polishing a car to perfection doesn't feel like work to me. I sincerely love my job!


In my experience, products and services forged from passion are better in every regard. A passionate person in on a search to be the best; to be different; set apart from the status quo; to redefine and blaze a new trail despite the cost. 

Domain Appearance strives to be the best at what we do by serving Kalamazoo with the most premium auto detailing solutions we can offer. If there's a better way- we'll find it. 

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